Hello, my name is Mikhail Burilov.
I'm a full stack software developer.





I widely use 3 main programming languages: C/C++, Java and C#

Key technologies of my experience

C# based

  • Windows Communication Foundation
  • Windows Presentation Framework
  • Windows Forms

C/C++ based

  • Qt Framework
  • XCode and OSX Development
  • Automake/Autoconf

Java based

  • Struts/Struts2
  • Java Core, Networking, Threading
  • Java Server Pages
  • Jackson
  • Axis2
  • Apache Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss


  • Oracle and PL/SQL
  • SQL Server and T-SQL
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL


  • Perl scripting
  • VBS/CS scripting
  • Excel/Word VBA

Fields of expertise

  • Windows services development
  • REST API development/consuming
  • Windows UI applications development
  • Cross-platform UI applications development
  • Network protocols: parsing, implementing, reverse-engineering
  • AudioVideo encoding/decoding/converting
  • Audio sound recognition, signal detection using FFT
  • Video motion detection
  • Digital signage
  • Designing architecture of complex software solutions

Check some of my latest works.

I will publish few examples soon. Right now - check my portfolio on linkedin or upwork. Thanks!

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I live in Sochi, Russia

The most beautiful place in Russia